Cross Symbol Jewelry

The cross symbol is the oldest and may have a myriad of mysterious meanings. The cross is a universal symbol of ancient times, on behalf of the sun. The sun god of Babylon, the most important symbol of the sun god, usually forms the sun gear with circumcircle. Another cross also symbolizes the tree of life, is a reproductive symbol, vertical bars represent men, horizontal bars represent women. The cross appears in Mexico and Peru, most importantly in Central America, alluding to four kinds of winds, which are sources of rain. The cross was crucified with Christ. However, it can not serve as a sign of early Christianity. The First Church never appeared. The cross was introduced into the Christian Church in AD 431 and began to stand at the top of the church in 586 CE.




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RANSSI Black Cross Scriptures Necklace

$ 1.69

316L Titanium + Black Gun Plated

XIN DAI Gold Plated Cross Women Bracelet

$ 2.13

316L Stainless Steel + Gold Plated