Four-leaf Clover

Symbol and beliefs

According to Christian tradition, every leaf of the clover would have a symbolic and represents one of the theological virtues. The first leaf is for hope, the second is for faith and the third is for charity; the fourth leaf would be for luck.
By Anglo-Saxon people, each leaf would have another symbolic. The first leaf is fame, the second leaf wealth, the third leaf love and the fourth health. It is no coincidence that as many personalize jewelry . The 4-leaf clover is very popular in jewelry: people is wearing clover bracelet, necklace, earrings, bangle and ring in every occasions.



Price Rang

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OUXI Women Rose Gold Clover Bracelet

$ 4.20

Copper Alloy + Rose Gold Plated

One Silver 2018 Black Clover Necklace

$ 6.33

925 Silver + White Gold Plated

CEIDAI Clover-shaped S925 Silver Bracelet

$ 6.55

925 Silver + Swarovski Crystals

CEIDAI S925 Silver Clover Bracelet

$ 22.45

925 Silver + Swarovski Crystals

CEIDAI S925 Silver Clover-shaped Necklace

$ 7.15

925 Silver + Swarovski Crystals